Banner Care

Do you own any vinyl banners?

Banners have become a number one favorite way to promote or advertise.  They can be used for short term or long term campaigns if properly displayed.   A high quality banner can last indefinitely when used indoors.  They can last long-term outdoors if secured to a wall.  Banners are very popular because they are less expensive them permanent signage, portable and easy to store.

Care of your banner

Did you know that if you take care of your banners they will last longer and look as good as new every time you display them?   There are some simple and easy steps you can take to extend the life of your banner.  Clean your vinyl banner with a mild detergent or soap in water.   Wipe the vinyl using a clean,soft cloth.  Remember, the use of harsh or strong cleaners can affect the quality of the banner.  Make sure your banner is completely dry before storing.

Storing Your Banner

When you are ready to store your banner, roll your banner with the vinyl letters and graphics facing outward.  If possible, use a cardboard tube.   Storing in a cool dry place is very important.  Never fold your banner, it may cause permanent creasing.  Do not store your banner in warm places or where they can be exposed to extreme heat as this may cause the vinyl to melt.

PLEASE REMEMBER! The life of a banner will depend greatly on how and where it is hung.  Again, if you are hanging your banner indoors, it will last indefinitely.  A banner hung outside, fastened securely against a wall may last several years.  Banners stretched between 2 poles in a windy area may only last days.  Because we do not know where you are hanging your banner, we can not guarantee how long your vinyl banner will last, but we can promise you that you will receive a high quality banner.