Coming Soon!!!

We are in the process of building a new website and ecommerce site. 

´╗┐Late last fall we experienced a lengthy downtime of our ecommerce site due to an upgrade we attempted. We were offline for over 4 days and the fix created additional problems on the backend, the administrative side of our ecommerce site. We noticed little things at first that were limited to one user. Over time, the tasks that one user could not do spread to all 3 users supporting our website. The number of broken tasks continued to increase forcing us to once again start over. We decided to move to a new web host in hopes that a clean install of a Company website and the ecommerce site will prevent the continuation of our current issues. We have already started this process and will switch to the new site once we have fully tested the ability to make purchases on our pop-up sales, custom sales and private sales. This transition hopefully will be transparent on the ecommerce sites however reality is that you may once again have to create a new account. We do retain paper copies of all orders placed and the old site will be available to staff here to reference history. We will not keep any history over 6 months on the ecommerce site.

We apologize for any inconvenience and would like to Thank You for your patience as we resolve these issues.

Thank You,

Mark & Beth St.Martin

Street Graphex, INC

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